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Your Hometown Veterinarian Taking Care Of Our Hometown Pets.

Your Home Town Veterinarian.  Taking Care of Hometown Pets.

Our Services

Wellness Care

At Metropolis Veterinary Clinic, we sincerely believe that keeping our patients feeling their best is much better than treating illness. We offer a full range of services designed to keep your pet healthy. After performing a thorough physical examination of your pet, Dr. Baker will work with you to create the ideal wellness plan for your special pet, including vaccinations, flea and tick prevention, heartworm prevention, weight loss and nutritional services and preventive screening labwork.

Dental Care

Over half of all cats and dogs have dental problems. Dental disease can be painful and can even damage your pet’s heart and kidneys. We offer routine dental cleanings, dental x-rays, and surgical dental extractions. We also have a great selection of special foods and treats to keep your pets’ teeth clean and healthy.


We provide the highest quality of surgical care for your pet, whether you have a young pet who needs to be spayed or neutered, or a pet with a serious injury, tumor or illness. Our surgical patients all receive careful monitoring, IV fluids, the latest and safest anesthetics, and careful pain control to provide them with a safe and comfortable surgical experience. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of surgical and anesthetic care, and we will keep you updated via phone or text message about your pet’s condition. We take care of your pets the same way we would take care of our own!

Laser Therapy

Laser treatments reduce inflammation, aid in wound healing, and speed up post-surgical recovery. If your pet has arthritis, hip dysplasia, recurrent ear infections, anal gland issues or any type of chronic pain, laser may help! Laser is painless and affordable, and can be performed in a brief appointment. We’re so excited to offer this cutting edge therapy in the comfort and convenience of our hometown vet clinic. Give us a call to set up a consultation—your pet deserves it!

X-Ray and Ultrasound

We have a state-of-the-art digital x-ray system that allows us to get high quality images of your pet with a minimum amount of radiation. We can even send the x-ray to a specialist for a second opinion with a simple click of the mouse! And if your pet requires an ultrasound, Dr. Baker has extensive training in this field and a portable ultrasound unit that can be used in the clinic or even on house calls!

After Hours Consult

After office hours?  Possible weekend emergency? Not to worry.  Metropolis Veterinary Clinic is available by phone for after hours consults.  


We Make House Calls!

Some pets have a hard time coming into the vet clinic, whether because of their age, size or anxiety from previous bad veterinary experiences. Some pet owners may have challenges of their own, including limited mobility, inability to drive or small children who would rather be at home than in a vet clinic. Whatever the issue, we can help. Dr. Baker can make a housecall for your pet, and most routine services can be provided in the comfort and security of your own home. If your pet requires surgery or x-rays, we can help transport them to the clinic with minimum stress. Housecalls require advance notice to schedule; call the clinic for pricing and to arrange a time that is convenient for you.

Your Fear Free Certified Professional

Metropolis Veterinary Clinic is a Fear Free Certified Organization.  Fear Free is the concept of practicing veterinary medicine that involves the reduction of feelings of stress in our patients which in return will result in a better experience for all involved — including pets, owners, and the veterinary team. Fear Free was created by “America’s Veterinarian” Dr. Marty Becker who has devoted his life to the health of pets and those who love them. The Fear Free concept is based on recognizing and taking steps to reduce fear, anxiety, and stress (referred to as FAS) associated with visits to the veterinary hospital and requires good communication between the owner and veterinary team.

In order to reduce FAS, we first must understand how our canine and feline patients communicate signs of FAS to us. Common signs of FAS in a dog are: a tense face, lips drawn back, tail down, body lowered, dilated pupils, snarling or growling. Common signs of FAS in a cat are tucked tail, crouched posture, hissing, pupils dilated, and ears pinned down to the side. The first step in addressing FAS is a discussion with the owner regarding any concerns they have about coming into the veterinary hospital or known stressors for the pet. A stressor can be any experience, environment, an inanimate or living object that disrupts the body’s normal state of functioning. Examples of stressors to pets include noise, odor, pain, disease processes, and unfamiliar people. Our goal is to reduce stress as it has negative effects on pets, owners, and the veterinary team and ultimately can result in decreased veterinary wellness visits, a decreased ability to appropriately examine and treat the pet, and slower recovery from disease or injury.

Our Online Pharmacy

Now you can enjoy the benefits of home delivery of your pet’s Veterinarian-Approved products and diets, as well as a wide range of non-prescription items. We trust you will enjoy the ease of buying products for your pets on-line and the convenience of having them delivered right to your home. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are ready to help you find the best health outcomes for your pet and we are committed to extending this service by delivering high quality, veterinarian-approved products right to your door.

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